Thursday, June 29, 2017


JUNE 26, 2017

Man, this week was really good! We have felt like we need to work with
the branch and strengthen them! Haha we both felt like this is crazy
because we need people to teach! We need to be out finding
investigators and stuff, but then Heavenly Father was like "hey boys,
this is my work." And as we spent the night visiting members and
sharing spiritual lessons with them. And Boom! We ran into this guy at
like 8:30 putting his groceries into his truck named E_____, 23 year
old. We talked with him and he said he's seen us around and he
accepted us back! Then on Sunday, we taught him the first lesson and
it was super powerful! He said he understood that baptism was really
important so he wants to be sure before he makes that step! But he
wants us to come back like as often as we can because he said he feels
better when we come! Heavenly Father truly is the head of this
operations! No un hallowed hand can stop the work.

I'm so glad I've had this opportunity to grow as a person and grow
closer to my Heavenly Father. I know he loves us, he wants us to be
happy! And that's why he sends us the commandments. It is said that he
will bless us temporally and spiritually and J_______ is an awesome
example of that! After his baptism, the mom of his baby girl told him
that he could have her every weekend! Waahhhooooo!

I love you guys! And I love Heavenly Father and his Gospel! :)Hahaha the time is going by so fast!
Of course! We still teach him all time and have lessons! And he's going to go
with us to teach! Hahaha  the mission office gave us 200 more miles probably 
because of the heat, but we still have to go on bike 😭

You should send him my email address because I can't reply!
Man, we went out from like 2-5 in 120 and it wrecked us! So hot.
Haha I used to think above 100 I couldn't feel a difference,
 but there's a difference from 110-120 gosh I hope we get rain soon! 😖

I love you guys too!!! I can't believe my mission is coming to an end,
but thanks for supporting me he whole way through! :D
Elder Jensen

Yay!! Pizza Pie Cafe!

Love sharing the Gospel!


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