Sunday, July 30, 2017


I never heard from Elder Jensen on Monday, July 3 or Tuesday, July 4.  I had sent him this quick email:   I'm sure hoping you're ok......I haven't heard from you this week and you don't want me to call your mission president if there's no reason 😈.    Hahaha   I also sent his companion an email asking how he was doing.  Yes, this mother worries about her son.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hahaha thank you for watching out for me! :) I just forgot to tell you
that on temple weeks our P-Days usually get moved to Tuesday, but
yesterday was 4th of July. So it got pushed way back to Wednesday!
Thanks mom! Love you! I'll talk to you after the temple! :)

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Haha! Sorry I forgot to tell you that I wouldn't have P-Day until
Wednesday! But the week was good! We have been struggling to find new
Investigators. We feel like we need to work with the Members so that's
what we've been trying to do! The fruit that we've seen has been A
less active family that owns a super successful restaurant down here
has been coming recently and it's so cool to see them at church. Also,
a less-active that I found with Elder Ramon like 6 months ago came
last week and him and J______ bore their testimonies! It was so awesome
to see! 😎J_________ also received the priesthood! It was super cool!

I went on exchanges with Elder Keeling from  Canada on Canada
day 🇨🇦 it was cool! At 8:30 I was like "ok should we go home to do
an evaluation?" and he was like " no I feel like we need to knock this
door, so we knocked it and the guy was like "Man were super busy, but
come back another day." Hahaha but the cool part was that right after
that both the members we were trying to contact came home and we
talked with them!

This week I focused a lot of prayer. I just find it so interesting
that as Missionaries we pray probably like more than 15 times a day
but I don't think I listen 15 times a day. I studied about the
necessity of listening to our answers through impressions and
scripture study and other ways! I think it's amazing to think that we
probably receive more answers to our prayers than we think. Love you
all take care!

Elder Jensen

Oh man! How old is she now? Hahah I don't know if it would be sadder
for me to see her die or have her pass away on my mission.  
(Talking about our dog, Maisey who is 13.)  Yeah any
fun things went on for the Fourth of July? Darcy is a Austrailian
Sheppard? (Adam's dog.)   That's fun with all those dogs in the house huh!?
 Hahha. Is it still possible for me to go to UVU? Or is it better just working a
semester and starting a little late?cause if it's possible should I
start looking at classes? I know I suggest all this stuff but I don't
even know what to do! Haha! Love ya mom!

Thanks for sharing that mom! I don't know why but more struggles just
keep on coming even this far into the mission. Hahha you never stop
growing! Haha and the heat just makes it worse! Being a Missionary has
been the hardest thing I've done by far. But it's also helped me in so
many ways. I never understood the importance of the commandments nor
the consequences of sin. It truly amazes me how just giving into the
natural man for minutes can have an effect for the rest of our lives!
I'm truly glad i served a mission, even if at times I wanted to return
I know that the Lord wants Finishers because we never stop learning
along the way! I may have 29 different ideas of what I want to do for
the future but I only have one that is certain, i want to be a
disciple of Jesus Christ (you can quote me on that if you want) Hahha
but really It's the only intelligent thing to do! Thanks for listening
to those one Elders a while back and thanks for not giving up on me
and teaching me the gospel. I look forward to these few months. I
won't give up! Love ya mom!

Elder Jensen

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Such a happy missionary!

Elder Parra's rendition of Elder Jensen

Cruisin' to the temple!

Do you think it's caliente??

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