Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 29 - Apache Junction, AZ

How was Conner's Birthday?? Did he have lots of fun?? Haha I loved the
pics Beck sent! How's Good Ole Wisconsin!? Is it Hot and Muggy?? If
it's noticeable, you should send pics of the Fireflies!

This week was alright, We had tons of meetings so we didn't get to
spend tons of time out working but it was still super fun! So we were trying to split the time up in the wards and accidentally just got sucked into doing a lot of work in the English Ward and we actually found a couple of families that are kind of interested! Super Cool!

So me and Elder Parrella went on exchanges and since the Spanish branch we serve in covers from AJ out to the rest of our mission we had to go out to Superior and Kearny (two little tiny mining towns) to go see if there was any work! Hahha there wasn't. But the drive was super cool! We tried Fried Oreos... Oh snap. So Good!

Also this week I got a surprise call from Elder Fairholm saying that Isidro wanted me to baptize him! So I was super blessed to be able to do that for him!
Wow I am learning a lot of patience! Haha a lot of patience with the
people I am working with, the investigators, and the missionaries.
Haha whenever I get frustrated or mad I just think... I wouldn't yell
at my kids so I won't yell at them. Sorry this email is lame. Hahaha I

just don't know what else to say

Good to hear you made it safely there in PDC! Send pics! Hahaha I'm
sure that drive was... Fun.  I was so surprised to baptize Isidro! But
I was so happy!:) um... He hike took like 1.5 to get to the top. (It
wasn't much compared to Baer Canyon) hahaha no it was good but nothing
compared to that. Ok I'll use it all! Thanks mom! Love ya! Make sure
to tell Grandma that I send my love! Tell her I miss her!

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