Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 31 - Apache Junction, AZ

Hahah Yeah it was transfers! Thanks for catching on because I always
forget to warn you.  The mountains were so green in the picture of
Conner! Hahaha I haven't seen that in a while. I also had to spend
some money this week on a soccer ball and some weights hahah I bought
some but they aren't heavy enough now ;) Mom, want to hear something
interesting? So lately even though it got up to 118 degrees I just
wore a long sleeved shirt and I feel like I stayed cooler... Because
down here, you step out side and you can feel the skin peelin off of
your body because it's roasting in the freaking desert. Haha. So when
you wear the long sleeve it kinda protects it I guess? And it's a lot
better way to make sure I don't get skin cancer again. Hahaha granted
it feels like my garments are under amour because the sweat suction
cups it to my body lol, but I think I want to try wearing long sleeves
to see if it helps me. Thanks for all the cereal you sent me this last
time! And always putting a little extra to buy weights and stuff,
You're the BEST! Hahaha I cannot believe those kids are that big! What
the heck!! Love you mom! I love you and my appreciation for you grows
daily!:) hahaha I'm getting sick of writing weekly emails, also make
me write in my journal because I'm slacking

Tu hijo


Well this week was really good! Tori sent me a thing called Purifying
ourselves! And it's just like something we can do to powerfully
testify and have the spirit with us to teach better! And it talks
about not doing the things that set us apart from the spirit. Like
ANYTHING. and to do a fast from it, anytime we do that thing you ask
for forgiveness and pray for help to overcome the next time that
temptation comes! And wow it's super powerful! I felt it change me
just like throughout my week and I feel a lot happier now! And I can't
wait to see how much more it changes me! Let's see as investigators
goes we've been finding some and dropping some but I'll share an
experience we had with one of them! They were a Referalls from a
family in our ward and it was heir neighbors, we passed by a couple of
times and they told us to come back because it was a good time, but we
went back and finally we were able to teach the restoration and wow it
was so good! Jason, the 18 year old really had some good questions!
He's more interested in the historical side but his dad was so into
it! As we shared the first vision the spirit filled the room and it
was dead silent. They totally felt the spirit and they accepted the
invitation to read the intro and pray! They want to go over the
restoration again so we are going to the Braddocks (members) and we
are going to teach them there! Jason was excited to read it at college
and it was just so cool to see how they were prepared from the Lord.
I'm so excited to see how the gospel can change their lives! Other
than that we had transfers, the Elders that shared Adobe got
transferred out and some new ones came in. It's so hot. Gosh it's the
worst. I never thought I would be thankful when it 'dips' below 100. I
just wanna share my testimony that even if our testimonies aren't the
strongest, we can always make them stronger. I wanted to have a better
understanding and testimony of Joseph smith and after reading Joseph
Smith History I can tell you it strengthened my testimony, if we pray
for specific things we will receive some pretty specific answers. It's
kind of the best!

Much Love, Elder Jensen

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