Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 32 - Apache Junction, AZ

Hey everybody! I wanna start out by writing something cool at
happened, so Elder Green wanted to do splits with me and I haven't
seen him like at all since my first six weeks because he's been doing
AP things, so I went with him and learned so much!! Wow it was so
good, hahaha like what I've been doing forever is inviting people to
read the Book of Mormon on the first visit, but with him he just
stated how our purpose was to invite others to be baptized to receive
remission of our sins and he invited 3 people that night and they
didn't accept but still, hahah the boldness was insane! I'm totally
going to apply that into my work! I want to share how important Jesus
Christ is to me! I want to center my life around him more and I love
that we can always have someone with us and he can help us through any
challenge that we have! It was crazy superweek was very very good!
Last P day was super crazy! We helped some other Elders move all their
stuff. Hahah one elder had like 2 bows and an Ax and just a bunch of
crazy weird stuff. Hahha Elder Parra is living with us now and he is
from Chile. Hahaha he's so funny! He loves to practice his English and
he's so great! Also a less active had a BBQ and invited all these non
members and we taught the restoration and  one of them came church!
Sorry this one is short and I will be better! You should send me a
letter early to remind me! I love you all so much!

Elder Jensen

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