Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 30 Apache Junction, AZ

Haha the weeks are flying by! I didn't even realize may was over until
I saw that it was May 30th! Hahah what the heck! So last Sunday I
forgot to mention we meet the Butler's. Hahah oh the Butlers! They're
the first black people I've taught. But anyways they're super cool!
Hahaha he was like "Ay man someday your gonna come right on ova here
and we gonna eat some So Foo (Soul Food)" hahhaha and I asked him I
was like what the heck is So foo? Is that Chinese? Hahaha but no I
then learned that it's something different. We're also teaching a less
active member, her name is Brenda. She's super cool! She has 3 kids,
ones 8,3,2 and the 3 year old was born with some kidney problems.
Invitation for a District VB tourney.  Bring it on!
She's single, she just finished her GED and is finishing up her
internship as a Medical Assistant. Wow. If there's anyone that has an
excuse to read scriptures it's her. Hahaha. But no one does! It's
amazing to think that how someone like her who has more on her plate
than most people can still take time out of her day and read the
scriptures with us. And whenever we pass by her house she's always so
happy to see us! It's just nice to go by someone's house and have
someone be like absolutely happy to see us! We taught a Mexican family
the restoration this week! It was soooo good! The spirit was so strong
and like you could just see it in their eyes! But then the father was
like just talking about a lot of doubts they had and stuff and it was
sad cause the spirit left and then they just went off about a lot of
doubts they have. We also got a lot of Referalls from members and we
have been visiting and some people have let us in to teach! Nothing
crazy but we taught a family with a set of triplets and they were so
nice! They would be great members! This week was a little tough just
because a lot of stress from the areas just like got to me. Then we
read in preach my gospel about how our main focus is to find, teach,
baptize. And we decided to  change how we were doing missionary work!
We were helping out the English ward with a lot of less-active work,
but we just have too much to do!!! And it kinda helped me realize that
the Lord will always be happy with my 
Check out the white peacocks.
work. I shouldn't be focused on pleasing other people.  I am only accountable to the Lord. As long as I am trying my hardest. I love you all! Thanks for everything you help me through! I love you all so much! I am so grateful that we have The sacrifice of Jesus Christ to help us in our life. And I love the peace that comes from the Knowledge that Christ Lives and he died for us. I
can feel it in my heart. He lives!!! And because he Lives so will we!!! Love you family! I try to pray for you all everyday!:)

Elder Jensen

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