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DEC 5, 2016

The weeks go by soooo fast. This week was great though. We teach G______ and M_______ about every Two days and they should be getting baptized in Two Saturdays. Our area is mostly just neighborhoods filled with gringos. Well, the Hispanos are there, they're just hard to find. We found one though! His name is R_______! We also have been working with Hermano Q________, he's a less-active and we've been teaching him for like 14 weeks and he hasn't come to church and it has kinda been frustrating, but then he just like super opened up and told us all the hardships and stuff he's been going through and it just made me realize that we always should just try to LOVE everyone because we can't see what everyone is going through. I wanted to share this part of PMG...

It's talking about praying with Faith and how we should change it more into talking God instead of just like citing a report we should make it more like a Convo

“I always remember two young men who served in my mission. One was a superstar. He was educated. He was bright. He was quick. He was a little arrogant. We had another who was a sign painter. He came from a sign shop with very little education, but he knew his inadequacies and he relied on the Lord. When he prayed, you knew he was talking with the Lord. It wasn’t a rote thing, it was a conversation and that young man accomplished wonders while the other young man went through the motions. The power that was in the one and the absence of power in the other was so apparent. Call upon the Lord. He has extended the invitation, and He will answer” (Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley [1997], 469).

It's amazing how much stronger the spirit is with us as we pray like we are talking with our Heavenly Father. He loves us and he loves to hear from us! Especially when we pray sincerely! I've learned that the Lord truly does answer our prayers as we act in Faith! I Love our Heavenly Father and I know this is his work. I love my Father!:)

Elder Jensen

Mommy! Probably 9! Yeah we will be having one! Do they tell you about that kind of stuff? Man! I am jealous of you guys! I bet the Jazz games are the Best! Was it in a Suite? Thanks so much for putting together that Package and honestly just everything you do! I feel like I don't email you all enough and I'm sorry about that but just know I love you guys so much. I'm glad I came out here to learn how to do hard things, the Savior gave us the ultimate example while he was in the Garden of Gethsemane. Hahha I'm sure he wouldn't LOVE to do it. But he did it because he LOVED US. And he knew he could do hard things. The Mission has taught me many valuable lessons and has helped me Changed my desires to more of what the Lord what's from me. I know his ways and his Laws have a good reason to them. As I am looking at myself in the Mission as I'm moving downhill I ask myself, "have I done all that I could?" And many times I feel as though I could've done better which pushes me to strive to be better. I love Heavenly Father and I love his son, our Brother Jesus Christ. I love you mom! Thanks for pushing me to get out the door and to over here because I know it's where I needed to be. Hahaha I'm sure my future wife will thank you too.

Elder Jensen

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