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NOV 28 2016:

This week was pretty slow actually. It was a struggle finding new investigators. BUT THE WORK MUST GO ON! We've been going through the list of formers and it's been pretty fun! Hahaha the best is when we ask for a return appointment and people say well, how about you just give me your number then we will call you when we are ready. Haha psych. 

We taught M______ and G_____ the Word of Wisdom and they accepted it so well! Hahah she was like, Oh well should I take down my decorations? Hahha and we look around and ALL her decorations are about Coffee hahaha super funny! They have come to church 4x's in a row and they said the Love it every time more! But she said she will stop! Awesome! I forgot how pretty the Christmas lights are! They're super pretty! And it's actually gotten pretty cold down here! Haha I have to wear my jacket now every night! 

Hahaha I always feel like the amount of stuff that happens in the week and what gets put into my letter is super downsized hahaha but just know that I love you guys and I'm safe :)

This week As we were teaching M______ she asked a really good question about the word of Wisdom, she asked why it's ok to drink hot chocolate and not coffee and stuff like that and the member we were with said sometimes it's okay to drink tea haha I don't know why I just froze up and I didn't know what to say. But It was amazing as I was there to feel the Holy Ghost put the idea or the answer in my Head of why when we drink tea for medical purposes it's like the difference between talking Pain killers when your sick or just to take pain killers because you like the way you feel. It was amazing to feel the Holy Ghost just put the thought into my mind and be grateful that this work is someone else's and not mine! 

This was a part of Gordon B Hinkley's teachings of the prophets

"We need the Holy Ghost to guide us in our service at home and in the Church.

Listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Be humble. You may be led to someone by the hand of the Lord because of your spirit, your attitude, your feeling, your humility.

Revelation almost always comes to us through a still, small voice--the whispering of the Spirit."

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Jensen
1- Jensen's Posterity

The Visitor's Center--spend a lot of time here.

Elder Parrella and I served together Back in May and he finished but he came down to visit!

Hey Mom! Before I forgot I want to ask you a couple things
- so for Christmas maybe you can look into getting me some new black shoes, I used up my first ones within six months and there was a sale and I got a second pair for like 20 bucks about 6 months ago but they're dying haha. So I was wondering if you could look into getting me some black GOOD walking shoes, I know Echo is usually a good brand they might be expensive but you may need to look on KSL for some used ones. Haha I just want some good walking ones hahaha. 
- there is a family here in the ward that is very poor and I was wondering instead maybe you could give me money on a Christmas Day to go get them some treats or something:)
- I called the Doctors Office and they said they would call me back with the results but they never did, I will call again.

That is so great! I bet it's wonderful to see the Family! Hahaha any big changes with any of them? No I think that's great! I would love to do more service for people when I get home and I think that's a great idea for Christmas! Well, maybe a couple of gifts haha :)

Hahahaha they sound SO BIG! That's exciting that he is talking! I'm excited to talk with him coming up soon! Yeah we are at the VC a lot! I'm feeling like I'll run into some people I know during this time haha! We got fed VERY well! Hahah like 3 meals hahaha 😷

That is a beautiful scripture! I LOVE THAT! I hope I can be and continue to be one who focuses on the others instead of ourselves. I love helping others and serving. I love you mom! Take care!

Elder Jensen

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