Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Feb. 20, 2017

We had a pretty good week! My new companion is Elder Palmer, he's from  West Virginia and he's been in the Mission about 3 months! He's great! He's super funny and super into cats. People think we're brothers, and
they think he looks like Toby McGuire from Spider Man. So that makes everything a lot funnier.

This week was good! Haha even though we tried to talk with as many people as we could no one turned out to be very interested.. BUT we recieved like 4 referalls from the English Elders and four of them ended up being Members! Haha it was awesome! They all have said they want to come to church some hopefully we can get them excited to come to church this week!

Also we got a Referall named J_______. He seems really interested! He came to our volleyball activity but didn't make it to church! Spanish is his second language, he speaks some dialect named like Maum or something like that.

Also we had an investigator come to church named J_____! He's awesome!  He's the one who just wanted to change his life and he said he wants to come to church like continually! It's great! It was SUPER rainy.
There's so much Work to do in this Area with Investigators and Members! I hope we can be more organized and help the more move forward over here! Love you all! I just want to testify that God Loves us! He truly does! I wish I knew exactly how the comfort of the atonement works when we feel sad, or how we can feel his love when we
doubt ourselves. I don't know exactly how it works.. but I know IT WORKS! I love you all, have a great week!

Elder "Spiderman" and I

 Thanks for the advice! I'll probably do something like that when I go home. But that's what I would be interested in doing! Haha I just want to help people and not sit on my butt all day. And like it's not that important to make tons of money. Just enough to provide  for the family. But you know J______ the guy I talked about? I had an awesome experience. When we met him and taught him the restoration I just had this overwhelming feeling that I knew him. And when I had that I felt like I knew him in the pre existence. Super cool!

This week was actually kinda difficult. A lot was built up from last transfer because the Elder I was with had decided he was going home so didn't participate a whole lot in our lessons, so  I just got really overwhelmed with everything and really frustrated because I felt like no one was accepting our message and I just felt like i was a really bad teacher. And I just got like really overwhelmed because the Branch is junk haha but I don't know how but I just felt so much love from Heavenly Father. It truly is amazing all the blessings I've received from him and will receive from him. Including having you and dad as incredible parents. I love you guys! Thanks for all your support!

Elder Jensen

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