Monday, February 6, 2017


JAN. 23, 2017

This week was a pretty good week! It rained a ton on Friday! It was awesome! There's this Huge like three story apartment complex that we go and contact in, it's like 93 percent Hispanic so you'd think it's a gold mine. We can find investigators pretty easy but they're hardly ever there for the return appointment. Haha it's pretty discouraging. But! Crazy Story! (This one needs a little back story) Back when I was in Liahona 4th Ward a member gave us a referall for some one, and I lost the card on accident.. but a couple of Weeks ago we street contacted  the referall! Haha it was super cool! And we taught him the Restoration and then we gave him a blessing because he chopped of his fingers on accident, but then he got them sewed back on. But anyways we gave him a blessing and he started to cry! But then he made us leave before we could ask him why he was crying.

We taught the A_________ Family again and they came to church! J_____ did not accept Baptismal date, but we said he would continue to learn and he would actually pray and read!

We taught M__________! And he said he would get Baptized! But he won't come to church... so we're working on the that. He's really awesome guy! He loved the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was smiling during the Whole thing haha. He said he felt really happy as we read in 2 Nephi 31. 

There was a missionary that was having a hard time this week, so we studied the fourth missionary together (a talk about different types of missionaries) and I love this part of the talk

"Contentment,  peace  of  mind  and  happiness  are  always  just  out  of  reach,  ahead  of  him.  All  the  while  he  labors he  thinks  and  wishes  that  things  could  be  the  way  they  used  to  be,  snowboarding  or  wake  boarding,  or  with  his  friends,  or girlfriend,  or  driving  his  car  back  home,  instead  of  tracting  along  a  hot  and  dusty  street  3:00  o'clock  in  the  afternoon.  Little does  he  know  that  things  can't  be,  and  will  never  be,  the  way  they  used  to  be.  Life  is  always  changing;  it  never  stays  the same.  All  the  while  he  labors  he  thinks  that  he  will  be  happy  and  content  when  he  is  transferred,  or  when  he  gets  a  new companion,  or  when  P-day  comes,  or  when  he  is  made  a  senior  companion,  or  district  leader,  or  particularly  when  he completes  his  mission  and  returns  home.  He  thinks  that  he  will  be  happy  when  he  can  get  done  with  what  he  is  supposed to do and finally do what he wants to do. Little does he know that actually he is choosing to never be happy at all."

That is something I've grown to learn in my mission. When we choose to do what the Lord wants us to do we will always be happier. I know that if we humble ourselves and follow the Lords counsel we will be blessed. We must do more than just change our behavior. We must change to what the Lord wants us to be. Love you all so much!

Elder Jensen

(I asked Elder Jensen if he still rode his bike when it was raining.) Hahha yep! We still go out! It's actually really fun! Hahha we rode by this one guy and he got SOAKED by a car as it went through a puddle. His colorful vocabulary cracked me up :)   (Told him I'm trying to declutter and to not have so many "things".)  SUPER true. That's what I agree with, I just want to save my money and try to live simply. Haha. I like that scripture a lot :) thanks for sharing that:) haha I saw that picture of Aunt Gloria's that's so Crazy! Where do they live now?

(A ward member knows someone in his district.)  Oh yeah! Sister Diaz! They're friends? Haha small world it is! I'll have to tell Sister Diaz that. So if the Hawaii trip is too expensive we don't have to do it! I'm thinking (if it's ok with you and Dad) just go to Weber and work for a while until I save up enough to move down to Provo. I've actually been able to maintain a lot on my mission. But yes that's what I've been thinking about. Just going to school at Weber and trying to find a job until I get some sort of certificate.    Hahha Zoey still sounds nuts.

Love you mom! Thanks for everything!

Elder Jensen

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