Monday, February 6, 2017


JAN. 16, 2017

40 Weeks? Wow that's crazy. 280 days is a lonnnggtime hahaha wow that would be super weird! That'll be super fun to go to Hawaii right after the mission! Are you all excited? Oh yeah, i forgot that was today! Yeah it was great! The L__________ family has had some pretty great lessons but they just don't Church. Haha but J_____ has been reading and he's come to church 2 times! We're trying to get his faith higher and trying to help him receive his answer! But he went to a Fireside and he said he felt the spirit and warm and happy! We got a little bit of rain. So yeah, we were blessed with someone named M_________. He's the son of a inactive member. Hahaha the dude is huge. He's a 20 year year old that sells for vivint but he like has recognized the spirit that the LDS saints have and he wants it! He didn't come to church, but he is super cool! 

 How's the Ponds Park ward doin?  They said I'm clear! Nothing to worry about! 

Thanks Love you mom! I don't think I'm going to have time to send a weekky! 
Love you mom! Be safe!

Elder Jensen

Elder Ramon is my comp while he's waiting for his visa.

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