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APRIL 17, 2017

Hey All! 

This week was super good! Another Super busy week but we got blessed a ton as we followed the Spirit and we found people that were truly prepared! Multiple times we felt  inspired to turn around on our bikes and awkwardly talk with someone but it turned out good because they were interested! I'm so grateful we have the ability to have the Holy Ghost with us.

We also had a great lesson with a less-active family and set their 10 year old son on Date! He's super smart and understands everything! We're just trying to help them come to church and it would be great if we could help the Dad be ready to do the baptism.

We also are teaching the daughter of a (less active? Or a Investigator?  He tells us he is a member but we can't find his records) but she said she wants to get baptized! She's just so dang shy so we can't really find out how she's feeling! It's super cool though because they just got here from Guatemala and she's learning Spanish and English because she originally speaks Mam. It's a dialect from Guatemala! 

J______ R______ finally understood the Holy Ghost! We taught him using an analogy about the difference of how we can feel the Holy Ghost before baptism but after we can have the Holy Ghost with us at all times! It was great!

I want to share part of the talk "to whom shall we go?" By M Russell Ballard
He talks about how some of the disciples decided not to walk with Jesus anymore when it got hard to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. He asked his disciples if they would go too. And they responded to whom shall we go? I want to invite everyone to think about who they are going to? Are we going towards Christ or someone else? Before we decide to go somewhere else, listen to this counsel from M Russell Ballard.

"Never fail to give equal time to the Lord through honest attempts to understand what the Lord has revealed. As my dear friend and former colleague Elder Neal A. Maxwell once said, “We should not assume … that just because something is unexplainable by us it is unexplainable.”"

I love Jesus Christ and I know he's my savior :) I love him and I know he resurrected

Elder Jensen

Yes! Our Easter was really good! Haha just a normal day for us!  (Told him about our Easter egg hunt, dinner and coloring eggs with the fam.)    Hahaha that's great! And the kids liked it? How often does the whole family
make it up together? Is it expensive to get a house now-a-days? Adam wants to get his own house? That's cool! Are they still all working at  Home Depot? I wouldn't mind living with the Honsteins if they can't  find a home:) that's what I've realized too! Eating healthy can make such a big difference! Hahha I'm excited to meet Bear!  (Our new dog.)  Yeah, it's getting super hot. Today we said goodbye to the Dellers and it was super sad. I love them so much. They're Aunt Gloria's cousin. They Live over there on Mountain Road. We went to Olive Garden today with
the Elders in my apartment! Thank you so much! It was awesome! Ok I will. Yeah J_____ is just taking his time. He said he will get baptized some day. Haha I have an engrown toenail again... I've had this one since last year but now it's super bad. So I'm getting it removed sometime this week. Thanks mom for everything! I feel like right now I'm working as hard as I can because I'm getting tired. To be honest it's getting hard to be diligent But I'm just still trying to keep going on and give it 100% I feel like these last six months will be the hardest but it can be the most rewarding. I just wanted to let you know but I won't give in. Love you mom!:) (I'm still happy hahha don't
worry about that)

Elder Jensen

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