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APRIL 24, 2017

We had another good week. We had like 25 lessons planned but like 5 of
them went through. J_______ B_______ baptism will be the 6th of May
instead of this Saturday. J_______ R_______ said he would live the word of
wisdom! But still no date:(  We had a family come to church. She was a
referall from someone that installs internet. He said that she had a
pass-along card hung up in her house and she said she wanted to be a
member! So they came! But it was ward council so they were talking a
lot about how they can teach Sunday school better... so I don't think
they loved church which was kinda sad :( but they said next week they
will go!

This Wednesday we saw some miracles. We used the Bathroom at the
Visitors Center and we felt inspired to walk out a different way. We
ended up talking with this guy that was hilarious and returned home
from his mission about 2 years ago but fell away. Hahha we talked with
him and he actually came out with us for a couple hours and he got to
bear his testimony and he said next week he'd go out with us! He's

I read this talk about Centering our Lives on Christ and it makes the
analogy of centering when doing pottery. And I remember learning how
to make a cup or something and it was so frustrating! Haha I always
remember my hands like burning from the whelk and it was pretty hard.
But little by little I remember getting better and then I could make a
decent mug! It's just like that for us and living the gospel. We might
be out of practice or be learning it for the first time. So it might
hurt at first or be frustrating but with practice we will all succeed
as we vented our lives on Christ.

Love you all!

elder Jensen

Hahahaha man! I'm so jealous of you guys! (Told him about the Jazz being in the playoffs.)  I wish I could be right there with you! Hopefully next year will be just as good! It was good. Hahaha we're battling with J_____    but I know he can't deny what he has felt. He just has to wait until he's ready to put on his big boy discipleship pants 😂 man we've talked with SO MANY people. Success seems to be coming too! MOAB sounds sweet! I loved the pictures you sent! Elder Parra was really excited to see those pictures! Hahha me and Elder Parra have become super good friends. He's planning on going to BYU also! I'm pumped! Also, forget everything I've said about my future. Hahaha I'm just going to clear my mind and ask Heavenly Father. Then we can make a plan when we talk together! 👍🏻 Yes I'm going to lather on the sunscreen! Wow! Boo bear seems to be your best friend now! Love you Mom! P.s. I got my other engrown toenail removed! I'll send pics! :) love youuuuuu

Elder Jensen

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One of the youth from the Liahona ward at his mission farewell.

The wonderful Garza family!

Farewell to Br. & Sis. Deller.  We will miss them!

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