Monday, April 3, 2017


March 27, 2017

Hey could you send me the address of the condo, because it's blocked on my ipad the link. I'm really lazy right now.. so I'll just send
pics right now. We're with Elder Sherwood right now, my good buddy
from Centerville haha. He's finishing his mission tomorrow and we're
dropping him off at the Mission home at 4. Also, are there like any
connections I could get with working like framing or something like
that? I would like to try it. I've heard it's pretty good money and I
speak Spanish so I could communicate with some of the workers. I don't know like how much it would pay or anything but are here any
opportunities for that? Love ya mom! I'll send an email later today!

This was a good week! On Tuesday we had a funny ward activity! We
played human fooseball with ropes, but it quickly turned into just
regular soccer. Haha it was great! We have been working on visiting
less-active members and we have been finding some people that seem interested in learning the Gospel. Ever since our BOMB lesson with J_____ he hasn't been to church. That was about two weeks ago. But he had another BOMB lesson! We had it in the Visitors Center in these like Book of Mormon pods that teach the gospel of Jesus Christ with videos and scriptures... makes our job pretty easy. Haha but then the Spirit touched his heart and he told us that Jesus Christ was inviting him to be baptized! So we set another date.
Afterwards we had to go to finish our studies but he stayed and
watched all of JSPR and the Sisters said he was Crying during it! But, he didn't come to church and we haven't been able to get in contact with him :( But we have been able to pass by J________'s House more and we
shared the Restoration again and he liked it! He's such a good guy.  Honestly feel like he's been one of my good friends for a while. Haha he's awesome. I love you guys! I love Jesus Christ and I know his Gospel is the way to eternal life and happiness in this life. Love you Guys! Have a great day!

Elder Jensen

Human foosball

What a great activity!
Why so serious??

Misionaros magnifico!

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