Monday, April 3, 2017


April 3, 2017

Haha so last week I forgot to tell you that we had Transfers. I got
put with Elder Parra again. He's such a good missionary. It's so great
because I feel like we really push each other and we are working
really great! We stayed down here in Liahona 3rd. We did get a car to
use for like meetings and P-Day but we probably only have miles to
that but rest of the time we get to ride bike!

We felt that it was necessary to drop the A________ family. It was super
hard for me to do but I have Faith they'll progress with Time away
from the Missionaries. We also went by the L_________ kids and we were
finally able to teach them! We played soccer with them, I got poop on
my freshly cleaned suit, then had a BOMB lesson with M________! She
remembered all the times she's felt the Spirit and said that they
would go to conference!... but they didn't make it:( it was super sad.

But J_____ R_____ came to the afternoon session! It was great! Afterwards
he was like "Man, I felt like that Costa guy was talking to me!" But
then he explained like all the problems and stuff he is having he
feels like he can't progress with all the things going on. He says he
doesn't want to make a big commitment like that. He wants to take his
time, and we can't force him so we'll just wait for him and help him
grow his faith.

I can't explain to you all how much love I have for the Lord. I KNOW
that the conference we just watched was directed by prophets and I
know that the Lord loves us soooo much. I know Heavenly Father exists
and he has a body just like you and Me. I'm so grateful that Heavenly
Father has given me his opportunity to know the Gospel. That was
something that I had a question about. Why do so many of the people
that we talk to not accept it. And I know now how important it is that
we have our agency. Heavenly Father loves us so much he gives us our
agency. I hope that we can all use our agency and listen to the Holy
Ghost to find our promise land In 3 Nephi 27:33 it says:

33 And it came to pass that when Jesus had ended these sayings he said
unto his disciples: Enter ye in at the strait gate; for strait is the
gate, and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that
find it; but wide is the gate, and broad the way which leads to death,
and many there be that travel therein, until the night cometh, wherein
no man can work.

I know that we must find he true path before the night comes. Love you
all! I invite you to think how you all can find your path!

Elder Jensen

Conference was amazing. We go to the Stake center usually. Saturday
we went to a members house from Elder Parra's area to watch the
morning session. It was good! I can't wait to watch it with you guys.
It's weird to only have one more conference left. 

Bear huh? That's cool! He's a pretty good dog then?  (Telling him about
new 7 year old dog we acquired.)  Yeah it's a ton more
responsibility  (being a zone leader). We have a lot more to do and here's
 some pressure. I needed it though because I was wayyy too comfortable.
Haha this helps me push to be better. Yeah me and Elder Sherwood
are pretty good friends.  Tell Adam that I found one of those gross calcium ball
things in my mouth and it was like the size of half a Dime. Eww.

Great!  (Scholarship info.) And thank you for doing that! I will need to apply
for all the grants and everything I need. Could you ask Dan for where I could
look to get a job as a framer or something or what he recommends? Love you mom!
I'm sorry I don't have tons of time to email. Love you so much! I'm
grateful for everything you do for me! Send my love to dad for me! I'm
glad I was sent to be with you guys:)

Elder Jensen

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